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PREPARE Organisation

PREPARE, as a partnership of national rural organisations and a network of practitioners, has a well-defined system of governance based on democratic principles. Key decisions are made by the PREPARE Organising Group, which consists of one representative from each of the PREPARE partners, i.e.:
  •   Forum Synergies - represented by Hannes Lorenzen (Chairman of the Organising Group)

  •   European Council for The Village and Small Town (ECOVAST) - represented by Michael Dower

  •   Croatian Rural Development Network - represented by Visnja Jelic Mueck

  •   Czech National Rural Observatory - represented by Michal Jarolimek

  •   Estonian Village Movement Kodukant - represented by Liina Saar

  •   Finnish Village Action Association - represented by Kim Smedslund

  •   Hungarian Rural Parliament - represented by Marta Marczis

  •   Latvian Rural Forum - represented by Valdis Kudins

  •   Lithuanian Rural Communities Union - represented by Guoda Burokiene and Donatas Saulenas

  •   Polish Rural Forum - represented by Ryszard Kaminski

  •   Slovakian Rural Parliament - represented by Jela Tvrdonova

  •   Slovenian Rural Development Network - represented by Goran Soster and Marko Koscak

  •   Swedish Popular Movements Council - represented by Staffan Bond and Stig Hansson

The day-to-day management of the PREPARE activities is done by the PREPARE Coordinator. The tasks and responsibilities of the Chairman, Treasurer and Coordinator as well as rules concerning membership in the Organising Group and its decisions are set out in the PREPARE Mode of Operation.