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PREPARE Gathering 2010 Announcement

30 August to 3 September 2010 in Macedonia
Networking in Rural Areas
Common Agriculture Policy Reform after 2013
PREPARE – Partnership for Rural Europe – aims to strengthen civil society and promote transnational cooperation in rural development, especially in the new member states, accession countries and the “new neighbour countries” of the enlarged European Union. An essential component of the PREPARE programme are multinational events – the “PREPARE Gatherings”.
The PREPARE Gathering 2010 is a linked series of events in Macedonia, which aim to bring together representatives of civil society as well as public sector organisations, primarily from Central and South-Eastern Europe but also from EU member states. The main objectives are:
  • to provide rural civil societies with an opportunity to discuss and express views on the current challenges of rural development in Europe and beyond it;
  • to create a space for exchanging experience and ideas, in particular to stimulate an exchange between rural actors from those Central and Eastern European countries which are already EU members, and those which are preparing for accession, especially from the South Eastern European region;
  • to promote dialogue between the public, private and NGO sectors.
The planned events comprise:
Opening session: Building of Rural Networks - presentations and discussions on the situation of rural civil society, and preparing for EU membership of the accession countries and the new neighbour countries;

A series of “Travelling Workshops” – study visits of small groups focusing on good practices in sustainable, rural development initiatives in Macedonia;

Plenary session: Common Agriculture Policy Reform after 2013 – description of the process of changes and discussion about positions toward policy in the period 2014-2020;
Exchange among participants for the future cooperation and brainstorming for future action of the PREPARE programme, with particular attention to South-Eastern Europe.
Throughout the event, the participants will be accommodated in Ohrid (Hotel Sileks), at the famous and popular lake south from Skopje.  As in previous years, cost of participants from Central and South-Eastern Europe, including a substantial part of the travel costs, will be covered by PREPARE thanks to the support of Charles Steward MOTT Foundation.

Draft programme and registration form are available here:
Draft programme
Registration form