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Conference “Leader in the New Member States” Tihany (Hungary), November 14-16, 2006

The seminar “Leader in the New Member States – rural development through Leader” was organised by the European Leader+ Observatory and Contact Point in Tihany on Lake Balaton in November 2006. It was intended as a platform of exchange for Leader actors in the new and old Member States.


PREPARE and its national partners were involved from the beginning in the planning of the seminar, development of its programme, identification of speakers, panelists and moderators, as well as in promoting the seminar among Local Action Groups. Many members of the PREPARE Organising Group were themselves speakers, rapporteurs or moderators of mini-plenary sessions. The seminar provided a valuable opportunity to share the experience of LEADER-type activities across Europe and to discuss the future of the LEADER approach and rural networks in the enlarged EU.

PREPARE Organising Group at the Tihany conference "Leader in the New Member States"
Photo: Roger Silfver